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Why We Choose To Be An


Our office places a high emphasis on quality dentistry and our fees are based on:
• The cost of high quality dental materials
• The cost of adhering to the highest standard of safety and sterilization
• The cost of excellent staff and basic overhead

If we elected to be an “in network” dental provider, we would be compelled to sign contracts with insurance companies, allowing them to dictate the procedures, materials, and fees charged. Many of these insurance companies require an “in network dentist” to use mercury (amalgam) fillings which we will not allow in our office.

If we were to practice dentistry as an “in network provider”, the well being of our patients would not be our highest priority. We would have to spend less time performing each procedure, use a lower grade of materials, and hire a less competent staff. We do not believe any of these options to be in the best interest of our patients. Our patients are a valued resource, and we refuse to “cut corners.”

We hope this information will clarify the limitations of various insurance policies, and your benefits.